is an effort towards helping all the RC modelers out there like us, who loves design their own aircrafts and fly. For our prototypes we highly depend on overseas websites for different items. Mainly because of the low cost. But then it also involves excessive shipping periods, costs and extra charges for Paypal or Credit Card. And even after that if we receive defective, different than ordered or very low quality products, dealing with the customer service is whole another issue.

Going through all those experiences, we started working towards how to avoid all these problems, and concentrate on our Scratch Builds. And then born the idea of Last few months we started contacting different manufacturers, who sell reliable products, and who also manufactures for very well known companies who sell high priced products. We came to conclusion that, we can offer those reliable products we have been using at very very competitive prices with great customer service and fast shipping from within the country. So that we can spend more time improving our design while getting the products on time and not worrying about having any issues.

So we started with a few reliable products and in the future we are going to add more. We also would like to encourage you to be the part of this movement by submitting your designs, and making a products out of that, we can help our great RC community and at the same time helping yourself and getting motivated to make the perfect design. Please use Contact Us page to turn your great designs into a great product.