Flip32 F4 Flight Controller Acro (6 DOF)

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  • F4 Processor
  • SPI Gyro
  • Direct LIPo input
  • Spektrum Satellite port
  • DFU Bootloader button
  • 16MB data flash
  • Latest BetaFligt firmware

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Flip32 F4 or SP Racing F4 is a new generation of flight controller that is specifically designed for FPV Racing in mind.

With the huge success of SP Racing F3 flight controller, the upgraded F4 processor brings more power to you. Higher processing power than F3, faster calculation speed, and SPI gyros now you can run the loop times at double the speed (8Khz) than the F3 board.


  • Upgraded F4 Processor
  • Low Noise Stable SPI Gyro
  • D-Shot Support
  • Direct LiPo input no BEC required
  • BlackBox data logging
  • Spektrum satellite receiver port
  • Bootloader Button

Specifications (6 DOF Acro Version):

  • STM32F405 MPU
  • SPI – MPU6000 Gyro
  • 1.5A BEC Direct lipo input
  • 16Mb Data flash for Blackbox logging
  • Spektrum Satellite port
  • DFU Bootloader button
  • LED strip Port
  • Buzzer Port
  • Standard 36x36mm board size
  • Standard 30.5×30.5mm mounting holes
  • built-in Micro USB port for easy programming
  • Flashed with latest BetaFlight 3.1.x firmware
> Satellite Port is internally connected to UART1

Flashing Instructions:

  • Press and hold the boot button and plug the flight controller to the computer
  • Open Zadig Options > List All Devices
  • From Drop down menu select STM32 Bootloader
  • Replace existing drivers with WinUSB (v6.1.7600.xxxxx)
  • After successful installation unplug, then re-plug USB cable with Boot button pressed 
  • Open BetaFlight configurator, you should see DFU in the top right corner
  • Select Firmware Flasher tab from the left side panel
  • Choose a board > REVO and select latest Stable version from drop down list below
  • Select Full chip erase and Manual Baud rate: 256000
  • Click on Load Firmware Online from bottom right corner and once loaded click on Flash Firmware
  • Give it a minute and the latest firmware will be loaded on the flight controller
  • Now you can click Connect on top right corner and program the parameters.
  • If you have any trouble following these steps and are unable to flash the firmware please iInstall TeamViewer software on your computer, so that we can assist you flashing the firmware.
  • Never flash the flight controller with anything other than REVO firmware.
  • Each flight controllers are flashed with latest BetaFlight firmware available at the time of shipping.