FOXEER 5.8G Circular Polarized RHCP Antenna SMA ( Highly Durable)


  • Un-breakable Case
  • Reinforced crimped root
  • Semi-rigid feed line
  • SWR < 1.5
  • Bright color

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This new version of Foxeer 5.8 Ghz Circular Polarized antenna is perfect match for your FPV Racing copter. The new design is highly durable and specially designed to withstand hard crashes and protect the antenna.

Semi-rigid cable can be bent to any shape so that you can position your antenna to your preference. Crimped root of the antenna ensures no breaks from the connecting end of the antenna. Protective case is made of virtually unbreakable material to keep the original shape of antenna without deformation giving your best video reception crashes after crashes. Bright color makes it easy to spot the copter in the events of crash, specially in tall grass or in the tree!