Lemon Rx Telemetry System T Plug (Spektrum® DSMX™ Compatible)


  • Full Range Spektrum® Compatibility
  • Multiple Builtin Sensors and Light weight
  • Altitude, Temperature, Voltage, Current, RPM* Sensors
  • Upto 60 Amp Current and 30V range

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Type: Spektrum compatiable full range telemetry system
Measurements: Rx V, Batt. V, current (60A max.), capacity consumed (mAh), altitude selectable absolute or sea level (Altimeter), internal or external temperature measurement selectable, brushless motor RPM (depends on burshless system), telemetry packet missed counter (0 to 100%) for reception estimation
Modulation: DSMX Compatible (Backward DSM2 Compatible)
Band: 2.4 GHz
Dimension: 37.5(L) x 27.5(W) x 9(H)  mm
Weight: 7.3g for Telemetry Electronics, 8.8g for V/I/mAh sensors
Voltage Range: 3.45 – 7.2V
This is not a Specktrum® receiver, neither it is a copy of Spektrum® Receiver.
Spektrum® and DSM2™ are trademark of Horizon Hobby Inc., USA.
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Below is the quick online reference piror to completion of the user manual.

– Industry best size and weight for similiar range and performance
– T-Plug package
– Altimeter, reciever voltage and temperature sensor are all build-in to the telemetry system
– Full range Spektrum compatiable telemetry system
– Communication protocol is automatically detected for DSMX compatiable or DSM2 compatiable
– V/I/mAh sensor provides up to 60A of currenting rating and 30V input maximum
– Selectable absolute (accurately measured and clalculated) or sea level (101.325kPa assumed as being the sea-level atmoshperic pressure for mathematic calculation) reading by simply turning the pot. dial to minimum or middle position under the label
– Internal temperature sensor automatically selected as primary sensing if external sensor is not connected
– mAh counter provides typical of 2.5% accuracy
– Telemetry packet missed counter (0 to 100%) for reception estimation displayed on “A” variable in telemetry menu

Quick Reference and understanding the product

– Connect all wireharness to the telemetry system with the appropiate connectors as shown on label.
– Connect the ESC in series with the V/I sensor. Do not connect battery or any power source to the unit.
– Connect the telemetry system to the receiver bind location.
– Ensure Spektrum transmitter telemetry options are selected and enabled properly along with the appropiate measurment system (Imperical / Metric) selected.
– Insert bind plug to the telemetry system.
– Excute bind procedure by connecting the battery to the V/I sensor for providing power to the unit. Both reciever and telemetry system should flash quickly.
– Upon binding, you are now ready to use the telemetry system!

Below is the V/I/mAh sensor. This sensor’s T-plug should connect in series between the battery and ESC.

Below is the external temperature sensor. (The red wire is used for RPM sensing and it may works with some of the brushless system in the market only. Cut this wire and connect to any one of the brushless motor’s wire. Please change the gear ratio in Spektrum telemetry RPM setting to around 0.2 for reasonable reading and do fine adjustement as necessary.) 


Below is the wire that connects between the telemetry system and the receiver’s bind port. Telemetry power is obtained via this wire from the receiver and also enable both units binding to the transmitter.

Example for connecting a receiver and ready for binding.

Enable these features in the Spektrum transmitter. Go inside each of the telemetry option to ensure that they are enabled for display. Also remember to select Imperical or Metric for the desired display.