Micro Camera with 5.8Ghz 48Ch 25mW VTX and Antenna (For Tiny Whoop)


  • Micro size camera
  • 5.8G 25mW 48Ch
  • Diapole antenna
  • only 3.8g

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Introducing the all new Micro Camera with 600TVL CMOS sensor and 5.8 Ghz 40Ch 25mW VTX combo. This camera is a perfect addition to your micro brushed FPV drones with the smallest dimensions and lightest weight. Its 600 TVL CMOS sensor gives you great picture quality for FPV racing or Indoor flying combined with a 25mW of clean power over 5.8 Ghz band on all 48 available channels including the new Raceband. The selecting of a right band and a channel is done by a switch. A short press of the switch changes the channel and long press changes the band. LED indicators make it easy to determine the selection. Switching from NTSC to PAL is also as easy as pushing a button.

LED Indicator: F E A R B


  • Camera: 600 TVL CMOS
  • VTX : 5.8Ghz 48Ch 25mW
  • Antenna: Diapole (aka Sting Version)
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Dimension(pcb): 15 W x 12 H x 16 D mm
  • Frequency Selection: Push button switch with LED indicator

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Micro Camera, VTX, Antennacombo
  • 1 x Losi Micro T cable


3in1 Micro Camera FX798T
Camera 600 TVL CMOS 600TVL CMOS
VTX 5.8 Ghz 48 Ch 25mW 5.8 Ghz 40 Ch 25mW
Antenna Sting Version (Diapole) RHCP Clover leaf (big and bulky)
NTSC/PAL YES (push button switch) None
LED Indicator YES YES
Operating Voltage 2.5-5V (1S Lipo range) 2.5-5V (1S Lipo range)
FOV 140 degree diagonal 140 degree diagonal
Diemnsions: 15x16x18mm (without antenna) 21x19x17mm (without antenna)
Weight 3.8g 4.2g (without case)
Accessories: extra power cable  None
Price: $21.99 $39.99