ReadyToSky TS5823L 5.8Ghz 200mW 40Ch mini Audio Video Transmitter w/ LCD


  • 200mW Clean Power
  • 40Ch 5.8Ghz
  • RaceBand ready
  • LED indicator
  • One button Freq/Ch change
  • 7-24V input power
The new designed TS5823L Audio Video Transmitter packs 200mW of clean power over 5.8Ghz frequency. Its small and light weight construction is perfect for your FPV Racing Quadcopter.
With the new Race Band included TS5823L can transmitter your Video over 5 Bands and 40 Channels, giving you piece of mind that you can race at any event with any assigned channel to you without interfering with opponents.
The new design integrates tiny LED indicator to easily see what band and channel you are on. Makes life a lot easier than the messing with dip switches. With all these features included TS5823L only weights about 10g without wires.
So weather you are flying 6″ setup like QAV250